#PalHunger | ICRC Weekly Protest: Solidarity With Prisoners Needed

Al Qassam Website | 29-05-2012,08:37

Al Qassam website (Agencies)– Palestinian marked the second protest at the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in support of detainees being held in Israeli jails since the ending of the hunger strike at Al-Jondi, The Unknown Soldier. Many people came to show their solidarity with the prisoners of which included relatives and friends of prisoners. 28 prisoners had their administrative detention orders renewed, and one person Deraar Abu-Sisi is still being held in solitary confinement.Abu-Sisi has been isolated since his kidnap from Okrania’s train station in 2009 without being accused of any charge. Relatives of prisoners living in Gaza can still not visit their family members who are being held in Israeli jails.

Considering the points mentioned above, Israel did not stick to the agreement that was signed two weeks ago. Saeed Ismial, a journalist from Gaza, said that the aim of the protests at the ICRC is to highlight the issue of political detainees to the international community and to demand detainees’ basic rights. Prisoners being held in Israeli jails are in need of medicine and Israel has to stop putting them into isolation.

Many prisoners have also continued with the hunger strike to demand that they get their rights with inside Israeli jails. Mahmood Al-Sersik as a result of the hunger strike, which he has continued for around two months, has lost 90% of his vision as well as suffered from kidney failure. Saeed described the way that Israel is treating the Palestinian prisoners as “worse than animals”. Prisoners feel that hunger strikes are their only weapon that they can use to pressure Israel to meet their demands.

With the list of demands that was expected to be implemented after the hunger strike, the Israeli prison service (IPS) should facilitate prisoners to get their education during their imprisonment. Hasaan Salaama, who was held for thirteen years in solitary confinement, recently was moved to Remon prison and applied to study through Al Aqsa University.

The majority of Palestinian prisoners are well educated intellectuals who study or read books of literature to improve their knowledge whilst in Israeli prisons believing in the power of education as another weapon. The protests are vital in order to keep the pressure on Israel to apply what was endorsed in by Israel from international treaties and the last agreement that was reached with Egypt. Will Israel stick to the terms of the agreement or will the situation keep deteriorating for detainees? Only time will tell.


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