Settlers Fire ‘spreads’ into Palestinian Land

A fire started by Israeli settlers on Tuesday in Qaffin, near Tulkarem in the West Bank was put out by the Palestinian Civil Defense.

The fire fighters arrived at the scene of the fire which is adjacent to ‘Homesh’ settlement and found hundreds of acres full of forest trees and olive trees being consumed by the fire.

Residents of Homesh settlement claimed they had started the fire to clear their land but the fire had spread.

The Director of Civil Defense in Tulkarem, Major Nidal Al-Jallad, called on the Red Cross to intervene and stop Israeli settlers from creating such ridiculous situations, pointing out that settlers are usually protected by the Israeli army.

Al-Jallad also called on farmers to heed their lands as Israel tends to use the excuse of neglected land as a reason for destruction or confiscation.

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