Gaza government: detention of the dead reflects extreme contempt

[ PIC 01/06/2012 – 09:54 AM ]

GAZA,(PIC)– The Palestinian government congratulated the Palestinian people and the martyrs’ families who have received their children’s bodies on Tuesday, stressing that it represents a new victory for the will of those heroes who have died defending our people and our land.

The Palestinian government spokesman, Taher Nunu, said in a statement that the Palestinian people never forget their martyrs, and will do everything to recover them from the enemy.

He added that “holding the martyrs’ remains confirms the enemy’s inhumanity and its eagerness to punish Palestinians dead or alive which exposes its hatred and real criminal face.”

He stressed that “the restoration of our heroes’ remains is the result of the resistance’s efforts inside and outside the occupation prisons who are keen to release prisoners even if they were dead.”

“We will continue to go forward to restore the rest of our martyrs’ remains, to release our prisoners, and to punish war criminals of the occupation army,” he said.

For its part, the Ministry of Interior considered holding the martyrs’ bodies in what is known as the “Cemeteries of Numbers” and the attacks on Marmara solidarity ship which marks its anniversary represent a stigma for the Zionist entity.

The ministry said in a statement on Thursday that handing the bodies of our martyrs is a victory to our prisoners who fought the battle of dignity and forced the occupation to give them their human rights.

It stressed that the so-called “Cemeteries of Numbers” is a disgrace to the Zionist occupation, which punishes the martyrs and their families in violation to all norms and humanitarian law, which calls for the respect of the dead.

It called on the international community to pressure the occupation to stop its immoral practices against the Palestinian prisoners and martyrs and their bodies and to put an end to the so-called Cemeteries of Numbers.

It also called on Egypt which was the mediator of Wafa Al-Ahrar exchange deal and dignity victory to pressure the occupation for the implementation of all the two agreements’ terms and guarantee the full prisoners’ rights.

Furthermore, the ministry greeted the families of martyrs and injured of the Turkish freedom flotilla, thanked the Turkish government and people for their support for the Palestinian people, appreciating all the convoys which stood by the Palestinian people.

It also stressed that Marmara ship massacre played a prominent role in prompting more solidarity convoys to break the siege on Gaza which came as a reaction to the Israeli arrogance and to meet the humanitarian call towards the Palestinian people.

Handing martyrs’ bodies marks the anniversary Marmara ship massacre as if the Palestinian and Turkish martyrs meet together, reflecting the Arab and Islamic depth of the Palestinian cause, it added.

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