#PHOTOS | Thousands of Palestinians mourn martyr Lubada

[ PIC 01/06/2012 – 07:44 PM ]

NABLUS, (PIC)– Thousands of Palestinians participated, on Thursday afternoon, in the funeral of liberated prisoner, Zuhair Rashid Lubada, who died few days after his release from occupation jails following the deterioration of his health.

The funeral procession was launched after the prayer from Haj Mazuz Masri mosque, with the participation of leaders and members of Hamas, MPs and representatives of several national and Islamic forces. The mourners had roamed a number of the city’s streets passing through Martyrs Square, before heading to the cemetery where they buried Lubada next to his companion martyr Salahuddin Darwaza.

MP Sheikh Daoud Abu Sir delivered a eulogy after the burial of the martyr during which he mentioned Lubada’s sacrifices, despite the chronic diseases he was suffering from, calling healthy people to learn from Lubada’s example and his struggle.

For its part; the European Network for the defense of rights of prisoners and Palestinian detainees held the Israeli government fully responsible for the death of prisoner Lubada at the Watani Hospital in Nablus, a week after his release from Israeli jails due to the deterioration of his health during his detention in Ramle prison hospital.

Mohammed Hamdan, head of the European Network said: “The death of liberated prisoner Lubada a week after his release from Ramle prison reflected the size of prisoners’ suffering in Israeli jails and how they are medically neglected.”

He added: “European Network mourns Martyr Zuhair Lubada (52 years) from the city of Nablus in the West Bank,” asserting that “this is not the first time that prisoners die after days from their release”

Hamdan also called all international and human rights organizations to take urgent steps to pursue Lubada’s killers and to launch an investigation to probe the death of Lubada.

For its part, the martyr’s family also held the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) responsible for the killing of Lubada because of the medical negligect he suffered from at Ramle prison hospital.

Lubada, a Hamas leader, was a resistance hero, one of the most prominent figures of the movement in the city of Nablus and one of the most to suffer in the Ramle prison hospital, where he spent his last administrative detention, which lasted 6 months.


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