I’m a “lucky” Palestinian: instead of being jailed, I’m subjected to racial profiling

Yara Hawari 

The new security routine at Ben Gurion airport attempts — but fails — to disguise racial profiling.

(Oren Ziv / ActiveStills)

As a Palestinian citizen of present-day Israel, I have an Israeli passport and am allowed to fly in and out of Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv. That is as far as Israeli courtesy has been extended to me. Each time I use this airport, I am subjected to racial profiling.

When I was younger and lived in Jerusalem, we would often fly to the UK to visit my mother’s family. I still vividly remember the ordeal that we would go through at the airport.

“Wrong” queue

We would always have to leave for the airport ridiculously early to be sure that the extensive security checks wouldn’t make us…

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