#Naksa | Israeli forces disperse Hebron Naksa demo

Maan News Agency | June 5, 2012

HEBRON (Ma’an) — Israeli forces dispersed demonstrators in the Old City of Hebron on Tuesday during commemorations of the 45th anniversary of the Naksa, or setback, of 1967.

The demonstration, called by the popular committee against the wall in Hebron, was launched from the Zahda area in the Old City toward Shuhada Street, which is under closure by Israel. Hundreds of Palestinians and international activists chanted slogans calling an end to the occupation and apartheid in English, Arabic, and Hebrew.

When the demonstration arrived near the Beit Romano outpost, Israeli forces used riot dispersal means against the demonstrators and set up barbed wire to stop them from advancing, activists said.

Forces fired tear gas and stun grenades toward the Palestinians, they said.

They briefly detained member four people; Palestinian people’s party political bureau leader Fahmi Shahin, 50, activists Nahil Abu Eisha, 30, and Yahiya Al-Rajabi, 22, and photojournalist Asid Amarna.

An Israeli military spokeswoman confirmed that fores used riot dispersal means against about 100 demonstrators in the Hebron area, saying they were seeking to break up a violent riot.

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