#PalHunger | Administrative detention for radiographer Najeh Assi

[ PIC 06/06/2012 – 02:51 PM ]

RAMALLAH,(PIC)– The detainee Najeh Assi, 38, from Beit Liqya town city of Ramallah was re-arrested and put under administrative detention without charge or trial.

Al-Ahrar center for prisoners’ studies and human rights stated that the detainee Assi, who served thirty months in administrative detention from mid-2008 until the beginning of 2011, was re-arrested for the second time in the same year without charge or trial and then he was served with administrative detention and he is still facing constant renewal of administrative detention every four months.

The human rights center director, Fouad Khuffash, explained that the detainee is not only suffering from the renewal of his administrative detention but also of being deprived of settling in one prison where the Israeli authorities transferred him several times, from Ofer to Negev prison and from Megiddo to Hadarim prison.

Khuffash pointed out that Assi’s mother has passed away two weeks after his arrest and he was denied attending her funeral, his nephew also died in a car accident and he received this news in jail with a great patience.

Al-Ahrar center stated that the detainee Assi is a graduate student since 2008 but he has been unable to complete his studies because of his repeated arrests. He was also materially affected where his medical imaging center was closed because he was unable to follow-up his work.

The captive works in Ramallah hospital, Khalid hospital, at Medical Center Mission Statement, his Hijazi radiology center as well, in addition to radiology centers of Red Crescent in Silwad and Salfit, he also teaches at the Modern Community College in Ramallah.

Najeh Assi has been arrested four times by occupation forces, he had served five months in administrative detention in 1994, three months in 1997, and he was arrested on 1996 where he was subjected to intensive psychological and physical torture for seventy days in al-Maskoubiya detention center because of his student activities and his membership in the Student Union during his university study.


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