#PalHunger | MP Haj Ali to be released soon while Kabha’s administrative detention is renewed

[ PIC 06/06/2012 – 09:12 PM ]

NABLUS, (PIC) — The administrative detainees’ lawyer at Tadamon Foundation for Human Rights, Osama Makboul, stated that he managed on Wednesday June 6, to reach an agreement with the Zionist prosecutors for the administrative detention of MP Ahmed Haj Ali not to be extended.

“During the court session, which was held Wednesday in Ofer prison, and after the court’s hearing of the defense, the court decided to release MP Haj Ali upon the completion of his last sentence without renewing his administrative detention because the prosecution was unable to provide any new evidence against him. Thus, he is scheduled to be released on the 5 October 2012, Osama Makboul said

Makboul also stated that the 72-years-old MP, who is the oldest administrative prisoner, had previously launched an open hunger strike last March that lasted more than 14 days to protest against the administrative detention. He ended his strike when the Zionist intelligence service promised to release him if he ended the strike, yet it did not fulfill its promise.

The Israeli occupation forces arrested Haj Ali on 7 June 2011 after storming his house in Nablus, and held him in administrative detention, in spite of the fact that he suffers from weaknesses in the senses of hearing and taste and many other health problems of the urinary tract, prostate, and sinus which is causing him cold symptoms throughout the year.

Meanwhile, Ahmed Betawi, a researcher at Tadamon Foundation, stated that the occupation authorities issued a decision renewing the administrative detention (6 months) of the captive Wasfi Kabha the former Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs in the tenth Palestinian government.

Betawi revealed that Kabha, who had been arrested 10 June 2011 by the Israeli occupation at a checkpoint near Jenin city, is supposed to appear at the Ofer military Court on 11 June 2012.

For his part, Kabha stressed that what he called “the new wave of the extensions of the administrative detention” against scores of prisoners, especially the leaders and the MPs, mainly aims at obstructing reconciliation efforts, and as revenge for the occupation’s defeat in the last battle of the empty stomachs.

The former Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs called the local and international human rights organizations and the prisoners’ Ministry to adopt a clear and legal policy to pressure the occupation in order to release the administrative prisoners who are political detainees, as the ex-minister described.

Kabha called during Tadamon Foundation’s lawyer visit in Hadarim prison, all parties of the Palestinian reconciliation, to abide with the Legislative Council and to trust the future Palestinian government, which the people will choose. He also appreciated all the efforts which aim at ending the state of division and unifying the Palestinian rank.


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