#DismantleThePA | Hamas slams PA for accepting new US coordinator for its forces

[ PIC 09/06/2012 – 02:02 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– The Hamas Movement strongly denounced the Fatah-controlled Palestinian Authority (PA) for accepting the appointment of a new US security coordinator for its forces, saying its persistence in such anti-national behavior contravenes the principles of the Palestinian reconciliation.

The US department of defense recently named navy admiral Paul Bushong as a replacement for outgoing security coordinator Michael Moeller. Like his predecessor’s job, he will be responsible for ensuring the PA forces’ commitment to the security of Israel and its settlers, and coordinating activities between the two sides in this regard.

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri told the Palestinian information center (PIC) that the acceptance of this US intervention further indicated that the security creed of the PA forces would remain disconnected from any national considerations and that its philosophy would be only based on serving foreign and Israeli agendas.

The spokesman stressed that this collaboration with the Israeli occupation and its allies contradicts the agreement of the Palestinian rivals on the need to rebuild the security apparatuses on a national basis.

For his part, Fawzi Barhoum, another Hamas spokesman, stated that the delegation of a new US security coordinator is aimed at confirming the commitment of the security troika, the US, the PA, and Israel, to the protection of the latter’s security and maintaining the inter-Palestinian division.

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