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Note occpal: Kindly notice, all released in the Shalit ‘exchange deal’ received a presidential Pardon (Amnesty) of Shimon Perez.

[ PIC 10/06/2012 – 06:34 PM ]

BETHLEHEM, (PIC)– Ex-prisoner Iyad Abu Fanoun, who was released in the prisoners’ exchange deal between Hamas and Israel, was recaptured and tortured in Israeli detention, Tadamun foundation for human rights said on Sunday.

It added in a statement that Abu Fanoun, who served eight years of his 29-year sentence, told Tadamun’s lawyer that the interrogators on his arrival at Jalama detention center deprived him of sleep and prayers for five days.

Abu Fanoun, 33, was taken into custody almost 20 days ago and was also denied access to the bathroom except for limited periods and for few minutes, the statement added.

Abu Fanoun, from Battir village in Bethlehem, was told that he would be returned to jail to serve his remaining sentence plus ten years if he did not confess to the charges that he returned to anti-occupation activity.

Mohammed Al-Abed, the Tadamun lawyer, said that the Israeli court extended the remand of Abu Fanoun for 12 days in its latest hearing for further investigation and would attend another hearing on 17/6/2012.

The lawyer quoted Abu Fanoun as denying all charges against him.

The ex-prisoner said that he did not launch any activity after his release. He charged the Israeli interrogators with attempting to frame him along with another liberated prisoner from Jenin.

Ahmed Beitawi, a researcher with the foundation, said that the interrogators told Abu Fanoun that all released prisoners in the exchange deal would be re-arrested and that they would not be allowed freedom of movement in the West Bank.

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