Palestine solidarity activists censure G4S in London

Palestine solidarity activists have staged a protest outside the annual general meeting of G4S, the massive British-Danish private security company that heavily invests in occupied Palestinian territories and its colonial West Bank settlements.

The activists joined anti-deportation and anti-austerity groups for a noisy demonstration outside the annual meeting of private security company G4S in London, British media reported.

In a welcome development, advocates of boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel teamed up with activists from other campaigns to protest the G4S meeting. G4S is a highly controversial company implicated in diverse human rights abuses.

Chanting by the more than 70 campaigners present could be heard inside the meeting, while shareholders were handed an alternative annual report that looked like an official G4S publication but profiled the company’s human rights abuses in Palestine and the UK.

Palestinian organizations have called for action against G4S over its contract with the Israeli Prison Service to supply security equipment to Israeli prisons in which Palestinian political prisoners are held.

Banners and placards at the demonstration displayed solidarity with the Palestinian political prisoners and those that remain on hunger strike. G4S also provides equipment and services to Israeli checkpoints, settlements and the apartheid wall.

Meanwhile, the government will be challenged in parliament next week over the services provided in Israeli settlements within occupied Palestinian territory by the company chosen to run security for London Olympics 2012.

G4S, designated as “official provider of security and cash services for the Olympics,” also operates in illegal Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem (al-Quds), seen by the UK – and nearly all other countries represented at the Games – as illegal in international law.

With G4S’s record of abuse as horrendous as it is, and given the rate at which it is being allowed to take over public services, campaigners believe that a broad campaign against the company is both possible and necessary.


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