#PalHunger | Captive Jerbouni refused medical treatment while shackled


[ PIC 12/06/2012 – 04:44 PM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Prisoner Lena Jerboni (37 years) chose to return to her cell in Hasharon prison, despite her deteriorating health condition and her severe pain, to get rid of the handcuffs that shackle her hands all the day in Meir hospital.

Lena said, during the visit of the head of Mandela Foundation lawyer Buthaina Duqmaq: “I was transferred to the hospital because I suffered severe pain in the abdomen and the groin, but the handcuffs that shackle my hands all the time prevented me even from sleeping.”

“The prison administration, had deliberately and provocatively abused me during my stay in hospital and after I came back to the prison it refused to abide by the dates prescribed by doctors to check on my health,” Jerbouni added.

She also noted: “after being on hunger strike for 13 days and after the deterioration of my health due to the severe pain I suffered from, I was transferred to Meir Hospital. After undergoing medical examinations, I remained four days in the hospital where the doctors gave me, intravenously, an antibiotic and then I underwent a tomography.”

Jerbouni stressed that the compelling circumstances in the hospital of being tied the whole time to the bed intensified her pain which pushed her to ask for returning to the prison.

Jerbouni stated that her transfer to the hospital was not easy to achieve, however, she can no longer bear the provocations of the guards and their bad treatment, referring to shackling her hands all the time.

She also said: “Despite my bad and deteriorating health condition, the prison doctor deliberately ignored me and did not approve my transfer to the hospital, only after my fellow prisoners threatened to launch an open hunger strike if I was not taken to hospital. However, since the conditions of the hospital did not differ from those in the prison I chose to return to my cell where, at least, my fellow prisoners could ease my pain.”

Lena revealed that the doctor in the hospital had prescribed her antibiotic for ten days after which she should visit him to continue her treatment. However, after ten days, the prison administration did not give her the permission to visit the doctor despite her deteriorated health condition.

It is noted that captive Lena Jerbouni is from Arraba Buttof village from the Palestinian territories occupied in 1948, and was sentenced to 17 years.


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