Al-Azhar condemns agreements between the Vatican and Israel

[ PIC 13/06/2012 – 10:32 PM ]

CAIRO,(PIC)– Al-Azhar condemned news about agreements between the Vatican and the Israeli occupation about the holy city of Jerusalem, stressing that it is impossible to change the city’s legal, diplomatic, demographic, cultural, and religious status.

Al-Azhar issued a statement regarding the arbitrary Israeli measures in occupied Jerusalem and the other Palestinian territories such as the illegal settlements, falsifying history and features, and blurring Arab civilization, in addition to the aggression on the religious sites by drilling in search of illusory history, expulsion of the Palestinian Christians and Muslims from their houses and denying their Jerusalemite identities in total violation of international and humanitarian laws and the UN resolutions.

The statement added: “In light of this aggression, al-Azhar Al-Sharif was shocked, that the bodies which are supposed to be concerned about the implementation of international and humanitarian law and international resolutions concerning the Palestinian occupied territories, think of holding agreements that grant legitimacy to the Israeli occupation authority that has been violating the international law. It also warned if that agreement would cause the Palestinians and Jerusalemites, Muslims and Christians, any harm that can intensify their suffering.

Al-Azhar called on the decent people of the world to take part in ending injustice and harm, and to stop supporting the oppressors by giving them recognition and legitimacy. “We still hope that the agreement, even if it is only an economic agreement, with the illegitimate authority which stands above the international law will be dropped,” Al-Azhar said.

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