Raids and arrests in Jenin and Tubas

[ PIC 14/06/2012 – 06:49 PM ]

JENIN,(PIC)– Israeli occupation forces launched, on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, several raids and arrests in Jenin and Tubas, resulting in arresting and interrogating dozens of citizens, and raiding about twenty houses.

Local sources said that the Israeli occupation soldiers stormed and raided homes randomly at dawn in Romana village west of Jenin where they raided and searched about 12 houses using police dogs, damaging its contents and detaining several citizens and then they transferred them to Salem military camp for five hours to investigate about the wanted’s places.

The occupation forces had also raided the house of Hossam Bushnaq, 37, while he was not at home, handing his family a summons for him to attend the intelligence offices after breaking into three of his brothers’ houses in search for him.

Meanwhile, the occupation forces broke into Tarsala settlement, south of Jenin and were deployed around it in order to protect the settlers who stormed it and stayed there all night.

Sources confirmed that the settlers chanted hymns and anti-Arab chants throughout the night and performed rituals until the morning hours.

It is noted that Tarsala settlement near Joba village was evacuated by the Israeli forces after their withdrawal from the Gaza Strip in September 2005.

Meanwhile, the occupation forces stormed Al-Faraa camp at night in Tubas and raided a number of houses and shops.

Local sources reported that the IOF have arrested Musa Ahmed Abdel Gawad, 15, and Mohamed Abdul Rahman Al Bisharat, 21, and that occupation troops were deployed on the streets and set up a barrier near the center of Salah Khalaf at the entrance of the camp.

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