The IOF escalates arrest campaigns against citizens and MPs in WB and Jerusalem

[ PIC 13/06/2012 – 10:48 PM ]

JENIN, TULKAREM, JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The IOF launched, on Wednesday, raid and search campaign in different districts of the occupied West Bank resulting in the arrest of 7 people.

“Yediot Ahronot” newspaper stated that the occupation troops raided several districts in the West Bank and arrested citizens who were transferred to an unknown destination.

Meanwhile, the IOF stormed last night Beit Kad and Deir Abu Daif areas, as well as the evacuated settlement of Tarsla in Jenin Governorate.

According to local sources, a large force of the Israeli occupation army stormed Deir El Gousoun town north of Tulkarem at three in the morning on Tuesday, June, 12 and broke into several houses.

The campaign resulted in the arrest of three Hamas supporters and former political detainees in PA’s prisons: Khaled Olayan, Director of the Office of Tulkarem’s MPs, Bilal Zeidan and Salah Ka’adan.

The family members of the three captives revealed that the Israeli soldiers had searched their homes as well as the supermarket owned by Bilal Zeidan and confiscated some of their belongings.

It is noted that the occupation forces had established checkpoints in the town of Deir El Gousoun, 24 hours before storming it, and stopped the passers-by who had been interrogated by a Zionist intelligence officer.

Furthermore, Islamist MPs in Tulkarem denounced the arrest of the director of their office Khaled Olayan by the occupation forces, as well as the arrest campaign waged against a number of the city’s citizens, considering this step as a new threat from the occupier who had previously issued a decision to close their Office in Tulkarem after searching it and confiscating its contents.

The MPs asserted that the occupation forces’ escalatory step against the MPs, their offices and their staff is a failed attempt to disrupt the MPs’ work and to dissuade them from performing their duties, calling the world to intervene and take action against the Israeli occupation abuses and violations against the Palestinian people and their elected deputies.

Local sources in Jerusalem also reported that forces of the occupation’s army and police had arrested on Tuesday a young man Kayed al-Rajaby (35 years) from Silwan town in the south of the city of Jerusalem after raiding his home and searching it, noting that he had been transferred to al-Maskoubiya detention and interrogation center belonging to the Zionist intelligence, for investigation and interrogation.

Meanwhile, a Zionist Central Court’s Judge in occupied Jerusalem sentenced Jihad Attoun (23 years), the brother of Ahmed Attoun, the Jerusalem MP was deported to Ramallah , to five years and a half on charges of being affiliated with Hamas and resisting the occupation.

Attoun had been arrested on 16 February 2011, from front of his house in Sur Baher town by a Zionist special unit.

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