Aker stops his hunger strike after his release was promised

PIC June 15, 2012

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Palestinian sources said that political prisoner Abdullah al-Aker announced late Thursday evening that he was ending his hunger strike after receiving promises that he will be released in the coming few days.
The sources said that during meeting between Aker and officers from the PA General Intelligence and Preventive Security, in the presence of Khalil Assaf, the coordinator of the Public Freedoms Committee in the West Bank, Aker was told that there was a decision of his release a few days after he ends his hunger strike.

Assaf assured Aker that such a decision has been taken and that the PA security is serious this time about releasing him in a few days.

Earlier on Thursday, MP for Nablus district, Yasser Mansur, appealed to human rights and humanitarian organizations to urgently intervene to save the life Aker.
MP Mansur pointed to the seriousness of the health situation of Aker who has launched an open hunger strike since 20 days and who has stopped drinking milk two days ago, stressing on his determination to continue his strike until achieving his freedom.

He also demanded the PA to immediately release Abdullah Aker and all political prisoners, pointing out that although Aker had obtained the decision of the High Court of Justice ordering his release, he is still detained.

MP Mansur considered that ending political arrests is an urgent national necessity, pointing to other political prisoners, such as Mohammed Jawad Al-Katut, who has been arrested since five years in the prisons of PA security apparatuses.

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