IOF soldiers arrest Hamas supporter shortly Assad Badran after his release from PA jails

[ PIC 20/06/2012 – 01:34 PM ]

TULKAREM, (PIC)– Israeli occupation forces (IOF) arrested Assad Badran, a Hamas supporter, from his village of Deir Al-Ghusoon near Tulkarem, shortly after his release form Palestinian Authority jails.

Local sources said that the IOF soldiers raided the village on Monday and took away Badran, a newly-wed, after searching his house and confiscating his personal computer.

Badran was detained by the PA preventive security and faced a military trial that sentenced him to one and a half years in jail. He was released only a few months ago after serving his term.

The detention of Badran brings the number of those arrested from that same village to four in the course of one week including the director of the Tulkarem MPs’ office.

Four other young men were rounded up by the IOF soldiers in Shuweika suburb in Tulkarem on Monday.

The city of Tulkarem, its suburbs, and Deir Al-Ghusoon village have been the target of frequent raids on the part of IOF soldiers over the past ten days during which many homes were stormed and searched.

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