Political detainees go on hunger strike to demand their release from PA jails

[ 21/06/2012 – 04:43 PM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The families of five political prisoners being held by the Palestinian authority intelligence agency in Jericho city said their sons went on indefinite hunger strike on Wednesday morning to demand their release.

According to the families, Mohamed Al-Atrash, Mohamed Abu Hadid, Othman Qawasmi and Moatassem Natsheh from Al-Khalil city and Islam Hamed from Ramallah city all received release orders from courts more than one year ago, but the PA intelligence agency still refuses to release them from Jericho jail.

These five detainees along with prisoner Anas Abu Markhiya, who was transferred two months ago to Beitunia interrogation center, had appealed more than once to many human rights organizations and the Palestinian national committee of freedoms to intervene to get them released, but to no avail.

In another incident, a number of families in Al-Khalil city accused the PA preventive security of maltreating their relatives and fabricating charges against them.

Samar Dweik, the wife of political prisoner Ghassan Karja, said she was able to attend the court hearing of her husband on Wednesday morning and was shocked to see him in a poor health condition.

Ghassan Karja and 30 others citizens affiliated with Hamas Movement were kidnapped earlier this month by the PA security apparatuses in Halhoul town north of Al-Khalil.

The PA preventive security agency brought all these detainees to Halhoul court on Wednesday morning to extend their detention for several days at the pretext of completing investigations.

Some families of these detainees told a reporter for the Palestinian information center (PIC) that they noticed their relatives looked fatigued and shivering and accused the PA security apparatuses of fabricating charges against them.

For its part, the Islamic student bloc at Al-Khalil university decided on Wednesday to stage an open sit-in inside the unveristy in protest at the kidnapping of two of its students by the preventive security.

The Islamic bloc told the PIC that the PA security apparatuses flouted the agreement they had signed with the national committee of freedoms, in which they pledged to stop their arrest campaigns against the student bloc of Hamas in all universities.

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