#PalHunger | Occupation violates agreement, renews administrative detention of Hassan Safadi

[ 22/06/2012 – 09:28 PM ]

NABLUS, (PIC)– According to Tadamon Foundation for Human Rights, the Israeli occupation authorities issued on Thursday a decision on renewing prisoner Hassan Zahi Al-Safadi’s period of detention for additional 6 months.

Faris Abu Hassan, the lawyer for Tadamon Foundation, said that the Israeli military commander, at the request of the Shin Bet, issued a resolution to renew the period of detention (6 months) of the prisoner Hassan Safadi from the city of Nablus.

Abul-Hassan stressed that this renewal is a flagrant violation of the agreement signed last month by the leadership of the Captive movement and the Prison Service administration under the auspices of Egypt, as captive Safadi was one of the seven prisoners whose hunger strike lasted more than 70 days, and accepted to stop their strike after the Prison administration promised to release him as soon as his detention period ends.

The Foundation’s lawyer called on the bodies that sponsored the agreement to intervene concerning this new violation and the administrative detention.

He added, “This agreement can be either orally, and this in itself is a problem, or already written, but, as lawyers for human rights organizations, no one provided us with the deal’s clear text, so that we can use as our strong evidence facing the Israeli prosecutor in the courts.”

The occupation had arrested Safadi on 30 June 2011 after storming his house in Nablus, and held him under the administrative detention, which, today, was renewed for the third time.

Meanwhile, Ahmed Betawi, a researcher at Tadamon foundation, revealed that the occupation authorities extended, the administrative detention of dr. Muhammad Ali al-Salibi, the Lecturer at An-Najah National University who had been arrested, on 1 May 2012 after storming his house in Nablus, to be held under administrative detention, which was renewed for two times.


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