Israeli newspapers express fears of Islamic rule in Egypt

[ 25/06/2012 – 03:00 PM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Israeli newspapers expressed concern about the victory of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi in Egypt’s presidential election.

Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper stated that Israel is worried about the arrival of Islamists to power in Egypt in spite of Morsi’s pledge to respect the international treaties signed with his country.

In his editorial, Israeli writer Smadar Perry descried the victory of Morsi as a dangerous victory and warned that the new Egyptian president was the head of a committee against Zionism and that Hamas is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood group in Egypt.

For his part, specialist in military affairs Alex Fishman said Israel has to reiterate its position towards the peace treaties with Egypt and to get prepared for all possibilities.

Maariv newspaper also stated that Israel’s fear became real after the Muslim Brotherhood group seized power in Egypt and warned that the peace treaty is in danger.

Military affairs expert of Jerusalem Post Yaakov Katz opined that nothing would change in the short term regarding Israel’s relations with Egypt because Morsi has more pressing challenges ahead of him.

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