The Egypt Israel would like to see ~ by Khalid Amayreh

The Egypt Israel would like to see

Al Qassam Brigades Website | 30-06-2012 | Khalid AmayrehBy Khalid Amayreh in occupied Jerusalem

Apart from some terse diplomatic statements welcoming the election of the new Egyptian president Muhammed Morsi, Israel’s overall reactions to the outcome of the recent presidential polls have been convulsive, phobic, gloomy and visibly depressive.

Indeed, a casual reader of the Hebrew press in the last few days would get the impression that Egypt is about to enter a new dark age and that the country of 90 million will soon succumb to the satanic stranglehold of Islamist obscurantism.

Some of the Israeli columnists and commentators lamented the looming loss of Egyptians’ human rights and civil liberties as if Egypt had been a paradise of human rights and civil liberties under ex-president Mubarak and the regimes of Sadat and Nasser that preceded him.

We, who have languished under Israel’s nefarious military occupation for more than five decades, know too will the Jewish-Zionist way of thinking. They would demonize and dehumanize anyone and everyone, even a Godly figure, if he criticized their criminal practices, racism and fascism.

This is why they are quite hysterical about the election of president Morsi, an ordinary Egyptian who calls the spade a spade, even if the tool happens to be in Jewish hands.

Morsi is an honest and religious man who values justice, morality, and truth. He doesn’t cringe or cower in the presence of power. He is willing to tell Israel “you are criminal” straight in the eye. He doesn’t allow diplomatic niceties to obliterate truth or compromise justice.

Israel has always been accustomed to dealing with hypocritical, cowardly and/or unctuous leaders who would appease the criminal state no matter how diabolically it behaves, how pornographically it murders, and how pathologically it lies. Such was Israel’s experience with leaders like George W. Bush, Tony Blair and Hosni Mubarak.

But to Israel’s deep chagrin, Morsi is no Hosni Mubarak, the man who was deadly silent as thousands of Palestinian children and women were being murdered, maimed and incinerated in his backyard in Gaza four years ago.

Israel would like to see Egypt as a gigantic banana republic, without sovereignty, without national dignity and without national honor.

Israel would like to see Egypt transformed from a dignified conservative society into a decadent country in order to facilitate the achievement of the Free Masons’ goal of destroying the country from within.

Israel would want to see as many Egyptians as possible go atheistic or at least secular in order to corrode the Islamic faith, which constitutes the ultimate immunity against Jewish-Zionist designs to destroy Egypt, employing the soft but lethal methods of implanting all sorts of social ills that would destroy the country’s immunity system.

Israel would want to see the Tahrir square morphed into a haven for all sorts of morbid-minded deviants who would shout against Islam, against morality and against virtue.

Needless to say, the moment a semblance of this state of affair occurs, the Free Masons and the Rotary Clubs and their Zionist handlers will have achieved their evil goals.

Israel doesn’t want to see young Egyptian men and women shout “God is Great” or “Justice for the Palestinians”” or “stop Jewish Nazism.”

Instead, Israel would want to see millions of Egyptian youngsters consumed by pornography, sexual promiscuity, drug addictions, and dearth of spirituality.

This is what Israel has been doing and trying to do to the Palestinians for over sixty years. Just ask any Jerusalemite how the Israeli intelligence is encouraging drug addiction among non-Jews, and he or she would tell you volumes of stories.

Ask any Palestinian how the Israeli intelligence, the Shabak or Shine Beth, is fighting religiosity and witch-hunting young people frequenting mosques, and you will be told many many eyebrow-raising stories.

Israel is simply spreading all kinds of decadence, drugs, promiscuity, pornography, Satan worship, sexual deviancies and social ills wherever and whenever it can. The rationale behind this evil is very simple. For Israel to prevail over its enemies, it has first to corrode and destroy their immunity.

In the final analysis, young people who are enslaved by their lusts and desires will fight neither for Palestine, nor for Jerusalem, not even for their own families or themselves.

The election of Muhammed Morsi must have disrupted Zionist designs vis-à-vis Egypt as Israel is visibly worried that the new leadership in Cairo will put Egypt on an entirely new track combining physical and spiritual strength as well as economic prosperity.

Israel fears and dreads any leadership in Cairo that is answerable to the people of Egypt, irrespective of the whims and views of the Jewish-controlled US government and Congress.

Israel simply wants to see a cowardly Egypt , an Egypt that internalizes Jewish mythology about the chosen people and master race!!

But Egypt won’t be a banana republic, not now nor after a hundred years. Perhaps, Israel should scale down its arrogance and vanity.

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