Aqsa foundation: Secret excavations are still underway in Al-Maghariba ramp

[ PIC 02/07/2012 – 01:57 PM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Aqsa foundation for endowment and heritage said the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) is carrying out nowadays secret excavations and demolitions of historical ruins in the area of Al-Maghariba Gate, one of the Aqsa Mosque’s entrances.

In a press release on Sunday, the Aqsa foundation accused the IOA of stealing historical stones from Al-Maghariba Gate ramp and the remaining ruins near it.

It warned that such Israeli violations could lead to the collapse of Al-Maghariba Gate ramp before the IOA completes its demolition entirely, especially in the presence of stated Israeli intents to build a military bridge in place of this historical ramp.

About a week ago, Jordanian ministry of Islamic holy sites and religious affairs Abdulsalam Al-Abadi denounced the escalating Israeli violations against the Aqsa Mosque and holy sites in Jerusalem.

Abadi said the IOA on June 12 removed and destroyed some stones from the walls of Al-Maghariba Gate ramp dating back to the Ayyubid and Mamluk eras and carried out diggings in the ruins of Al-Fadhal Mosque that had been destroyed along with Al-Maghariba neighborhood in 1967.

At the time, director of the Islamic holy sites in Jerusalem Sheikh Azzam Al-Khatib also said in a press statement to Al-Quds newspaper that the Jordanian government intervened last June and prevented the IOA from removing large stones and completing its excavations in Al-Maghariba Gate ramp.

Sheikh Khatib, however, warned that the IOA actually did not stop its excavations at the site, and they were still underway but secretly and during night hours.

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