Hamas releases half-yearly report on PA violations against its cadres

[ PIC 02/07/2012 – 11:13 AM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– The Palestinian authority security forces escalated its arrest campaigns and violations against Hamas cadres and supporters in the West Bank despite the signing of a reconciliation agreement last May, Hamas stated in a report covering the PA violations during the past six months.

Its report said the month of June saw the highest rate in political arrests and violations against Hamas cadres and supports, where the PA security forces arrested 92 citizens representing 25 percent of the total detainees during the past six months.

It added that the PA security forces arrested during the first half of the current year 382 citizens, 162 of them are ex-detainees, and summoned 245 others, 101 of them are also ex-detainees.

The PA security apparatuses also extended the detention of 62 citizens, although they received release orders from courts.

They also persisted in violating the law by their prosecution of three political prisoners in military courts and their dismissal of 12 civil servants from their jobs because of their affiliation with Hamas.

In the context of their security cooperation with the Israeli regime, the PA security forces handed 28 Israeli soldiers and settlers who infiltrated into Palestinian territories to the Israeli occupation forces.

The PA security forces also instructed their Israeli counterparts to arrest 79 citizens affiliated with Hamas after their release from West Bank jails.

In a related context, the Palestinian lawmakers in the West Bank strongly denounced the PA security forces for using violence against a group of young men who went on a march on Sunday in protest at the intended visit of Israeli deputy premier Shaul Mofaz to Ramallah city.

They condemned the PA security forces’ violent attitude towards the young protestors and journalist yesterday as part of the mouth muzzling and media blackout policies pursued by the PA in the West Bank.

In a separate incident, the Palestinian journalist syndicate deplored the PA security forces for physically assaulting on Sunday Mohamed Jaradat, one of its members.

The syndicate stated that security men in civilian attire attacked journalist Jaradat and caused serious injuries in his face, chest, back and other areas of his body before taking him in bad shape to Ramallah police center.

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