Islamist MPs condemn assault on Fatah MP Shami Al-Shami

[ PIC 01/07/2012 – 11:29 PM ]

WEST BANK,(PIC)– Islamist MPs in the West Bank denounced the assault on their colleague the Palestinian lawmaker and Fatah leader Shami al-Shami, and described the assault while he was going back home in Jenin late Saturday, a violation of the Palestinian national values.

The MPs stressed on the need to avoid such phenomena which is unaccepted by all Palestinian parties, adding that it is an attempt to spread seeds of unrest inside Palestinian society.

The MPs wished recovery to their colleague, Al-Shami, stressing on the need to discover the incident’s circumstances and assailants as soon as possible.

Gunmen had shot and injured Palestinian lawmaker and Fatah leader Shami al-Shami late Saturday in the city of Jenin in the northern West Bank.

Local sources confirmed that Al-Shami was hit by two gunshots to his thigh while he was going back home late Saturday. Medics at the public hospital in Jenin said al-Shami sustained moderate wounds.

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