Revolution In Palestine: Down With Abbas!


إرحل إرحل يا عباس – يسقط يسقط حكم العسكر

Kawther Salam | July 2, 2012

In a serious development in Palestine, hundreds of young revolutionary Palestinian women demonstrated yesterday saturday and today Sunday July 1 2012 against the Palestinian Authority dictatorial regime and the use of the PA “security” gangs to brutally suppress the freedom of expression and opinion in Ramallah.

On Saturday 30 June 2012, the peaceful demonstrators were protesting against “president” Abbas scheduled meeting with Israeli war criminal and vice premier Shaul Mofaz. They chanted “leave us, down down Abbas and down down with the Palestinian military rule”.

The cowardly criminal Shaul Mofaz cancelled his assistance to the meeting with Abbas due to “security reasons” – this coward who was involved in thousands of murders and assorted atrocities against Palestinians was scared of a couple of peaceful protesters.

The demonstrators gathered in central Ramallah and tried to march on the Moqataa. They were confronted by thousands of elements of the PA intelligence, police, security and preventive intelligence and national security, among them the police chief of Ramallah and Al Bireh, Lt. Col. Abdul Latif. The forces surrounded all the streets and ways around Al-Manara Square in order to cut the way of the demonstrators from reaching Mamoud Abbas resident, the so-called Al-Moqata’a.
Hundreds of PA elements in civil infiltrated among the demonstrators in order to capture them. They kicked the demonstrators and beat them seriously in an attempt to prevent them from reaching the headquarters of the PA at Al-Moqata’a. Dozens of demonstrators were injured and had to be hospitalized as a result of their injuries, while many other activists were detained by PA security forces. According to eye witnesses, the PA used the fire weapons and shot at a leader of Fatah who was present at the demonstrations, Mr. Shami Al-Shami, in a leg. According to the same sources, shooting Mr. Al-Shami was a threat to him by the PA in order to make him stop his support for the protesters.

The Palestinian protesters said that today Sunday July 1 2012, security forces used brutal tactics during the second day of the demonstrations and protests against the PA policies. The Palestinian Police attacked the protesters with batons, beating and injuring dozens. Dozens of protesters were taken to police stations along with two journalists. The journalists were attacked while covering the protests because the police was not happy that their brutal attacks were being documented.

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