#VIDEO | Child Abuse | Palestinian child kicked by Israeli Border Police in Hebron

972 Magazine | July 2, 2012 | Mairav Zonszein

B’Tselem just released footage of a Border Policeman kicking a Palestinian child while another policeman holds him on the streets of occupied Hebron. The video was shot last Friday June 29 by a B’Tselem activist, from the window of his house, adjacent to the Tomb of the Patriarchs.

The name of the child is Abed a-Rahman and he is only 9 years old. You can see the policeman wait for the child and then at about 1:22 he grabs him and says: “Why are you causing trouble?” As the policeman holds the crying boy, another policeman comes and kicks him. The child is then released and runs away and the policemen disperse. B’Tselem is filing a complaint against the two men with the Police Investigation Department.

How zionists reacted on the video….

Very disturbing and truly sickening reactions, reported by Ali Abunimah from Electronic Intifada, showing the real character of zionist Israel:

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