Israeli new plan to Judaize Jerusalem

[ 03/07/2012 – 08:49 PM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM,(PIC)– The Islamic-Christian commission for the support of Jerusalem and holy sites condemned, on Tuesday, the Israeli Judaization plan to establish a military college on 14 dunums in the Mount of Zeitoun (Olives) near Matle’ hospital in the eastern part of Jerusalem, pointing out to the continued Israeli policy to Judaize the city of Jerusalem and its Islamic and Christian holy sites.

The commission said, in statement, that the occupation forces practiced an unprecedented measures in total violation to the international laws, conventions, and norms in an attempt to impose fait accompli on the ground, where they aimed to establish military college in east Jerusalem that supposed to be the Palestinian capital city.

I am afraid that Jerusalem issue reaches the point of no return where Israel succeeded to occupy Jerusalem, to desecrate Islamic and Christian holy places particularly al-Aqsa Mosque and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, to establish Jewish settler outpost in Jerusalem and its environs, to complete the apartheid wall, the Secretary-General of the Commission, Dr. Hanna Issa, said, now It is continuing to strengthen its civilian and military control over east and west Jerusalem in order to confirm Jerusalem as a capital for the Jewish state, he added.

He urged the international community and human rights institutions and organizations to act seriously to stop Israeli Judaization process in the city of Jerusalem.

In the same context, the commission warned against the daily Israeli raids into Al-Aqsa Mosque, denouncing at the same time the selling of 24 housing units built on Aarot settlement few meters away from the mentioned military college. It also pointed out to a broad scheme aiming to Judaize the Mount of Zeitoun (Olives), in addition to approving the build of 180 housing units in the settlement of Talpiot and 171 new housing units in Jabal Abu Ghoneim.

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