PA says needs ‘space’ to complete inquiry into violence

July 3, 2012 | Maan News Agency


RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — The Palestinian Authority minister of interior said Tuesday that the results of an investigative committee formed by the president to examine violence against protesters over the weekend should be given space to work.

Said Abu Ali told journalists who organized a sit-in in front of the ministry Tuesday morning that the committee’s decisions would be implemented, and he urged them not to make assumptions about the outcome as the inquiry was only formed a day earlier.

The minister stressed that his ministry would take serious measures to follow up on the use of violence against protesters and journalists on Saturday and Sunday through the committee, which was announced Monday by President Mahmoud Abbas.

Forming such a committee is an affirmation of the PA’s commitment to Palestinian rights and freedoms and is a step toward building a free society toward a free state, he added.

Meanwhile Palestinian Journalists Syndicate chief Abdul Nasser al-Najjar said any attack on freedom of opinion is dangerous and threatens the Palestinian cause.

He added that protesters who demonstrated outside the ministry were there because they refused to accept violence against journalists, who he said should be able to work without interference.

Al-Najjar stressed that freedom of opinion and expression are sacred in Palestine and guaranteed in the law and constitution, and said the use of violence against them was dangerous.


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