Israeli Occupation Forces Deliberately Start Another Fire in Golan

SANA | July 4, 2012

QUNEITRA, (SANA) – In line with its hostile practices against the occupied Syrian Golan, the Israeli occupation authorities deliberately set fire to the occupied town of Banias in the northern sector on Tuesday.

SANA reporter quoted a number of the Golan residents as saying that the fire spread over huge spaces of agricultural and forest areas from east of the archeological town of Banias to Shilal Sa’ar area.

Governor of Quneitra, Hussein Arnous, indicated to the repeated violations by the Israeli occupation of international resolutions, adding that the governorate has taken a set if precautionary measures to extinguish any fire set by the Israeli occupation authorities along the “cease fire” line.

In turn, head of the Environment Affairs Department in the governorate, Hamzeh Suleiman, said that the occupation forces have set three fires in the Golan in the last few weeks with the aim of harming the environment and the people of the area for their adherence to their lands.

M. Nassr/ H. Said

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