“Let The Anarchy Begin” ~ by @YasirTineh

Palestine Telegraph | 07 July 2012 | Yasir M. Tineh

altAnarchism is generally defined as the political philosophy which holds the state to be undesirable, unnecessary and harmful, or alternatively as opposing authority and hierarchical organization in the conduct of human relations.

Savor the above definition as we begin to examine the series of events that occurred in Palestine since June 30th.

On June 30th 2012, protesters took to the streets of Ramallah objecting to an announced visit of Shaul Mofaz to meet with Mahmoud Abbas.  The protesters were met with brute force; they were beaten and insulted

The protest reformed the next day, now with two demands instead of one.  They desired respect and they wanted to rightfully object to the visit by Mofaz.

They were met this time with even more force, insults and humiliation. Women were slapped and cursed at with vile language.  They were told that they have no right to protest because of their gender, insulting the very status of women in the Palestinian narrative, a status which is highly revered and respected.  The women of Palestine have been pillars in every form of resistance Palestinians have practiced.

They were not met with men but with cowards, cowards in uniform.  A funny thought and a more horrifying one is that not too long ago, Mahmoud Abbas was begging Israel for weapons as revolutions waged on in neighboring countries, and Israel denied him.

I presume he wanted more weaponry so he could attack not only women, but journalists as well, as his ‘proud’ forces managed to get to a few of them. Swollen eyes, broken cameras, head injuries and the highly efficient gang style group beatdowns.

Any citizen out in the streets protesting or documenting what was happening was not spared.

Now comes the question of how this occurred, and the answer is simply the Oslo Accords.  What the Oslo deal did was start a centralization process of the Palestinian struggle; it gave ultimate power to one entity.  Power corrupts.

The Palestinian people and their struggle cannot become centralized for many reasons.  First off, without centralized power, Palestine becomes represented by every member. There is nobody to negotiate with, nobody to make concessions to or compromises on behalf of the Palestinian people.  The refugees will echo their demands louder, and Palestinians will become more united against the oppressions they face.

The political system in which Oslo has entrenched us eventually created division and alternate aspirations for power, diverting our focus of the reality of what is happening around us. We now have factions that consider each other rivals, and all they care about is power. We have people willing to physically harm others of their own blood and skin, simply because they are posing a threat to their political standing and their political existence.  We have decisions being made that affect Palestine without any form of Palestinian unanimity.

Anarchy is aspiring to become without government.  Palestine has had a “government” since 1993, a government which proceeded to negotiate with the occupying force pointlessly as more land was stolen, more Palestinians were killed and jailed and more refugees were born in exile.
Palestine does not need a government.  The idea of establishing a government in a country that remains oppressed evades to normalization, deceiving the world and the public eye into believing that we are the masters of our own political fate.  It also implies that this government is democratic and has the approval of Palestinians.

Palestine needs resistance and political chaos.


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