Abbas to Israeli channel: My hands are stretched out to peace with Israel

Now where did we hear that before!

Oh yes. Bibi’s speech at the United Nations September 2011 stating: He ‘Extends hand of peace’

Reminder for Bibi: Where one finger points, 3 point back…

Since than, 166 people have been killed by Israel. | Overview

And Abbas keeps talking about “talking about peace” while Israel proofs it does nothing else than murder and confiscate, annihilate and ethnic cleanse Palestine. So Stop Talking Abbas!
[ PIC 08/07/2012 – 12:08 PM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– De facto president Mahmoud Abbas told the second Israeli channel on Saturday that his hands are always stretched out for peace with Israel and described the peace process as his first and only option.

Abbas affirmed that his meeting with deputy premier Shaul Mofaz was not cancelled but postponed until there are appropriate conditions.

He also denied he does not want to meet with Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu, but he stipulated the release of 123 Palestinians who have been in detention since before the signing of Oslo agreement.

Abbas reiterated his opposition to any popular intifada (uprising) against Israel, saying he would never allow that.

In a related incident, Palestinian activists have been highlighting for days the need for a popular uprising against the repressive policies of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.

Pictures and remarks posted on Palestinian facebook pages denounced the PA security forces for using violence against the young men who rallied a few days ago in protest at Abbas’s intention to meet Mofaz.

“It is weird that the Palestinian authority is persistent in lying to its people till it has given no regard for their feelings and sanity and decided to receive those whose tanks and artillery were pounding Ramallah province and besieging Yasser Arafat during the Aqsa intifada,” a Palestinian citizen from Ramallah told the PIC.

“The Palestinian authority was thinking that it managed to quench the jealousy, the bitterness and the resistance in the hearts of the people, but the rallies that happened over the two days and the calls for others in the coming days are indication that the Palestinian cause and the West Bank in particular will see a new stage,” he added.

For his part, political analyst Nashaat Al-Aktash told the PIC that the repressive practices against popular rallies opposing the peace negotiations with Israel would make such events evolve and turn into a revolution demanding Abbas to step down.

He added that the ongoing repression against the people in the West Bank would definitely shorten the life of the PA to less than one year in light of the current regional changes.

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