Islamist MPs: continued summonses and arrests aim at obstructing reconciliation

[ PIC 09/07/2012 – 12:49 PM ]

JININ,(PIC)– PA’s ongoing summons campaigns and political arrests in the West Bank prove that there are attempts to hamper reconciliation by some parties who are against Palestinians unity, said Islamist MPs in Ramallah

“The security services are still violating civil liberties in the West and continue their brutal practices that aim to undermine the Islamic movement and its supporters in the West Bank,” the MPs said.

The MPs denounced targeting the youth and supporters of the Islamic movement by both the Israeli occupation forces and PA security forces, stressing on the need to stop the human rights violations in the West Bank.

On a different note, Islamist MPs delegation visited, on Sunday, a number of ex- detainees in Jenin who were released recently from the occupation prisons. In addition the delegation has also visited Fatah MP Shami Al-Shami, to check on his health after being shot by unknown assailants.


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