Normalization meetings in Al-Khalil under European auspices

[ PIC 09/07/2012 – 08:03 PM ]

AL-KHALIL,(PIC)– Youth Coalition Against Settlements said that some meetings have been held in Al-Khalil in the southern occupied West Bank between Israeli settlers and Palestinians claiming to be representatives of some families and people of the city, under European auspices.

Youth Coalition Against Settlements said in a statement, on Monday, that these meetings aim to legitimize settlement in an attempt to circumvent international resolutions that consider Jewish settlements on the occupied West Bank as illegal and must be removed and land reinstated to its Palestinian owners.

The statement pointed out that the Palestinian participants in these meetings, who present themselves as representatives of the people of the city Al-Khalil, claimed that these meetings have been held “to bring peace,” but in fact these meetings do not serve the Palestinian cause.

“whoever claims to be working for the benefit of the people of Al-khalil has to struggle to open Shuhada Street, remove all barriers, to open all closed shops and mosques, to stop the settler attacks on people and their properties and to stop the Judaization of the Ibrahimi Mosque and the occupied part of the city of Al-Khalil,” the statement said, pointing out that “the settlers who met with those claiming to be representatives of families of al-Khalil are the same settlers who assault residents of Tel Rumeida, Shuhada Street, the Old City, Wadi Hasin, Wadi Gharws, Ein Boni, Salim, Bouira and others.”

The coalition called to form an independent commission to investigate circumstances of these meetings and to disclose identities of their supporters, appealing at the same time to the people of the city of Al-Khalil to expose them, especially that the coalition had contacted with more than one family named in the international and Israeli press to find out the truth of the matter who have in turn denounced and refused any meeting with the settlers on their behalf.

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