Haniyeh: “The resistance will not fail”

Qassam Website 10-07-2012,11:32
Al Qassam website- Gaza- The PM Ismail Haniyeh attended the graduation ceremony of the 14th batch of graduates of the University College of Applied Sciences, congratulating the graduate students and their families as well as the College.

Haniyeh stressed that all participations in the education and support domain proves the government’s support for education, pointing out to the recent opening of a new school bearing the name of the martyr Adnan al-Ghoul, that was funded by the Revolution Government in Libya.

“The graduation of our young people today represents a message on our victory over the occupation, the imposed siege and the aggression,” said Haniya stressing that Gaza’s government did not fall and that the resistance did not and will not fail even after years of blockade and aggression.

The PM expressed his hope for a Palestinian better future in light of the Arab spring revealing that he received Miles of Smiles convoy from Egypt, calling itself the victory of Egypt convoy, to support education, and said that it was sent to support 30 students from the University College of Applied Sciences.

He also promised that he will discuss with the Council of Ministers employing the college’s excellent students, emphasizing the government’s support for education.

He also talked about the reconstruction projects that have been taking place in Gaza, saying that Qatari projects, worth U.S. $ 250 million, and Islamic Development Bank projects, particularly related to the educational and infrastructural sectors, will be launched soon.

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