IOA renews administrative detention of six Palestinians

Qassam Website 11-07-2012,10:30

Agencies – The Israeli Occupation Authority (IOA) has renewed the administrative detention, without charge, of six Palestinian detainees on Monday including Rafat Nassif, a Hamas leader in Tulkarem.

Osama Makbul, a lawyer with the Tadamun foundation for human rights, said that the Israeli military commander imposed the administrative sentences.

He recalled that Nassif, who received a six-month renewal of his detention, was arrested on 19/3/2009 from his house in Tulkarem and is considered one of the oldest serving administrative detainees.

The lawyer said that the Israeli prison authority was deliberately moving Nassif from one prison to another in another form of harassment, noting that he was moved for 30 times in the course of his detention since 2009.

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