Israel legalizing land grab of Palestinian land ~ by Khalid Amayreh

Al Qassam Website | 11-07-2012,10:19

By Khalid Amayreh

A special committee appointed by Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu to look into the “legality” of Jewish colonies in the West Bank has concluded that Israel has a legal right to grab Palestinian land, irrespective of the rule of international law and any other considerations.

The committee, made up of highly fanatical Talmudic-minded figures, such as Edmond Levy, who opposed the dismantlement of Jewish colonies in Gaza in 2005, argued that the West Bank was not really an occupied territory and that the Israeli state could legally steal as much of that territory as it sees fit for meeting the needs of Jewish settlers. The occupation of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, by Israel is not recognized by the international community, including the United States .

The drafters of the committee recommendations belong to a Jewish school of thought who teaches that the ancient or Biblical land of Israel covers much of the Middle East, including the entirety of Palestine, Syria, Lebanon as well as parts of Egypt, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, the compilers of the committee report seem to be racist to the hilt, as they paid virtually no attention to the very existence of the Palestinian people, treating them as if they didn’t exist.

According to the Israeli media, the only positive “gesture” the report compilers made toward the Palestinians was a recommendation that Israeli army officers treating Palestinian litigations pertaining to land grab issues wear civilian cloths instead of military uniforms in order to give an appearance of formality and justice.

There is no doubt that the latest measure on the part of the Israeli government represents a pornographic breach of justice. But so what? Israel has always behaved and acted this way, with unlimited and unrestricted backing from its guardian-ally, the United States.

In the final analysis, Israel itself is a gigantic war crime and crime against humanity. Hence, the latest measure, although it goes beyond chutzpah, should be viewed within the normal order of things, since it is characteristic of a criminal state that is not unlike history’s worst criminals.

Indeed, for the Israeli government to ask a committee of settlers and Jewish supremacists to draft recommendations that would determine Palestinian rights, including the right to life and survival, is very much akin to Nazi Germany asking hard-core Nazi ideologues to preside over a body that would deal with the “Jewish problem.”

Moreover, the legalization of the land grab of Palestinian land at the hands of European and Khazari invaders and other Jewish land thieves coming from distant parts of the world, such as Ethiopia, Peru and India, shows that the lebensraum concept is as Jewish as it is German.

There are small difference related to the details. The Germans wanted a wider living space in the east, whereas genocidal Jewish terrorists claim the land of Palestine belonged to their ancestors three or four thousand years ago.

Would any of you cede his or her house if someone came to you, insisting that the house belonged to his ancestors several thousands of years ago? Yet, this is exactly what these gun-wielding, kippa-donning terrorists have been doing for more than four decades, terrorizing unprotected Palestinians, stealing their land, and shouting Mavet le-Arabim or death to the Arabs.

A few years ago, Israeli spokespersons would tell unsuspecting western diplomats that the settlers were a marginal group of fanatics who in no way represented the collective conscience of the Israeli society or indeed the Jewish people. Yet, the settlers have come to represent the overall conscience and soul of Israel. They, not only tightly control the government and Knesset, but have been effectively able to take over the Israeli army and police, rendering Israel a de facto fascist state.

Don’t misunderstand me. The fascist epithet is not my invention. It was used by an Israeli cabinet minister who remarked two years ago that “we already live in a fascist state.”

The Israeli Jewish society continues to drift toward more brazen forms of fascism and more violent forms of jingoism. This augers very bad for non-Jews as well as many liberal Jews who still harbor some modicum of rectitude and human decency.

But implosion and ultimate demise will be the sure kismet of fascist societies which divide humans into children of a greater god and children of a lesser god, or sons of light or sons of darkness.

The Israeli designs against the Palestinians are quite nefarious so much so that we can perfectly refer to the Zionists as the Nazis of our time. I am not claiming that Israel has murdered six million Palestinians. But then, does one have to kill six million people in order to qualify for the Nazi epithet? Stalin and his mostly Jewish aides did kill far more Ukrainians than Hitler killed Jews, yet we don’t call him a “Nazi.”

None the less, the attempted annihilation of the national existence of a given people is a Nazi act irrespective of any academic hallucination to the contrary.

More to the point, the attempted annihilation of an ethnic or cultural or religious community becomes brazenly diabolical especially when brashly racist “justifications” are used to rationalize the criminal act.

Needless to say, Israel and Nazi Germany look very much like Tweedledum and Tweedledee as far as racism is concerned. Germany invoked the German master race as well as the Übermensch/Untermensch concept. The Zionists are invoking the Chosen people mantra which really justifies all acts of aggression and criminality against non-Jews even to the point of viewing them as beasts of burden created solely in order to serve the master race. Some Chabad rabbis have issued an edict that would allow a Jew to murder a non-Jew in order to harvest his organs in case the Jew needed one.!

The Germans spoke of lebensraum while the Zionists speak of settlements, arguing that Israel’s borders end where Israeli tanks stop.

And sheer military might is the ultimate god of both schools of evil, Nazism and Zionism.

Nazism has gone into oblivion, finding its way to the dust bin of history. I have no doubt that Zionism will eventually meet the same fate. Seventy years are nothing in the annals of history.

In a world where every thing can be denied, there are forces undeniable. And on Earth where nothing is sure, we have our certainties. And the demise of Israel is undoubtedly a historical certainty.

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