Hamas organizes protest against political arrests

July 13, 2012 Updated 19:01
Source: Ma’an News Agency

HEBRON (Ma’an) — Hamas organized a march in Hebron on Friday in support of university students staging a sit-in protest against politically motivated detentions, a statement said.

The demonstration began at a city center mosque before heading towards Hebron university, where students from an Islamic bloc have been staging a sit-in for 24 days to protest political arrests.

“We won’t back down now until our demands are met and we’ll continue under the slogan that either we’ll die martyrs or political detentions die,” students spokesman Rami Rujoub said.

Demonstrators were prevented from entering university grounds by security guards, Hamas said in a statement.

Palestinian Authority security forces detained a number of participants in the demonstration, including Hamas leader Ismail al-Natah, Saadi al-Jeyawi, and the two sons of lawmaker Muhammad Abu Jahshiya, the statement added.

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