#BDS | “Bader” campaign launches its second stage

Al Qassam Website 17-07-2012,10:37

RAMALLAH – The Palestinian National Initiative (PNI) launched a second stage of its “Bader” campaign to boycott Israeli products in cities across the occupied territories under the banner “in order to defeat the occupation”.

PNI leader Mustafa Barghouti said the second stage of the campaign would target Israeli dairy products that are sold for millions of dollars yearly in the Palestinian market despite the presence of compatible national products in terms of quality and price.

During a press conference held in the center of Ramallah, he launched the second stage of “Bader” campaign to boycott Israeli products after the success achieved in the first campaign that “reduced consumption of Tapuzina juices by 70 percent in the West Bank.”

The occupation sells about $4 billion worth of products in the occupied Palestinian territories, which is its second foreign market after Europe, he explained, its profits are used to suppress the Palestinian people and to expand settlements on Palestinian territories.

He told reporters that the campaign aimed to “balance the scales” to benefit the Palestinian cause, indicating that the first step to balance the scales is to “defeat the occupation and support the steadfastness of our people.”

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