IOF arrests Palestinian Motasem Taysir Natsheh released by PA, sets up checkpoints in Al-Khalil

[ PIC 25/07/2012 – 10:53 AM ]

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)–The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) arrested early on Wednesday Motasem Taysir Natsheh, 25, from Al-Khalil after his release from PA prisons.

Sources told the PIC that Natsheh was arrested two days after his release from PA prisons where he spent 30 months in Preventive Security and General Intelligence prisons in Al-Khalil and Jericho.

Natsheh had gone on hunger strike with a number of political prisoners in PA prisons, noting that he is an ex-detainee in Israeli occupation prisons.

Meanwhile, IOF imposed strict military measures at the entrances to the city of Al-Khalil on Tuesday night and set up dozens of checkpoints at its entrances.

Eyewitnesses stated that IOF soldiers set up checkpoints at the northern entrance of the city of Al-Khalil, searching the vehicles and checking the citizens’ identity cards where the Israeli soldiers were carrying a list of “wanted” Palestinians.

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