Palestinian NGOs network denounces assault on spokesman @DrorFeiler for Ship to Gaza

[ PIC 30/07/2012 – 09:12 AM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– The Palestinian NGOs network condemned the assault that occurred to Dror Feiler, the spokesman for the Swedish aid campaign “Ship to Gaza,” in Gothenburg.

Feiler was reportedly attacked by unknown assailants on Friday night when he was on his way to the campaign’s ship, Estelle, which is currently docked at Erikbergskaj in Gothenburg. The man or men attacked Feiler from behind, knocked him to the ground and kicked him several times before they left the scene.

The NGOs network contacted Feiler on Sunday to enquire about Feiler’s health status and express its solidarity with him.

The network thanked Feiler and his fellow activists for the humanitarian efforts they are making nowadays to rally support for Gaza people.

Feiler, for his part, affirmed the Swedish aid campaigners’ determination to continue their collection campaign until they set sail for Gaza.

“We in Ship to Gaza have been met with fantastic support during our trip along the whole of the Swedish coast, from Umea to Gothenburg. Everywhere people have flocked to the ship and left donations for our work towards lifting the blockade on the people of the Gaza Strip.”

“Unfortunately, we have also been the target of threats in social media, threats which we obviously must take seriously. It is sad that voluntary work being done for human rights, peace and justice can arouse aggression in some people,” he added.

Estelle is the name of the ship being used in “Ship to Gaza” campaign and it will be docked in Gothenburg until 1 August when it will go on its 5000-nautical-mile voyage to Gaza with the goal of ending the blockade.

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