Land center: Israel intends to raze 10 villages in Al-Khalil for military drills

[ PIC 31/07/2012 – 09:16 AM ]

BETHLEHEM, (PIC)– The land research center, a division of the Arab studies society, said the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) wants to demolish 10 Palestinian villages east of Al-Khalil city and not eight as Israeli news reports had claimed, warning that such decision would lead to the displacement of 1,500 Palestinians.

“The villages and hamlets that will be demolished include, Majaz, Taban, Safai Al-Fawqa, Safai Attahta, Fakheet, Halawa, Markaz, Janbat Al-Fawqa, Janbat Al-Tahta, Kharruba in addition to four other villages whose residents have not received demolition and evacuation decisions yet,” the land research center underlined.

The center warned that the demolition of the 10 villages would render 1,500 Palestinians homeless.

It noted that the Israeli war minister Ehud Barak declared his intention to raze these villages and displace their residents about one week ago at the pretext that the targeted areas, estimated at 56,000 dunums of land, is a vital site for military drills and maneuvers.

The center stressed that the IOA uses military training as a pretext to justify its annexation of more Palestinian land when its usual attempts to seize it through fraud, suspicious deals and appropriation fail.

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