Urgent appeal to Egypt to save Abu Sissi’s life

Qassam Brigade 31-07-2012,09:31

Al Qassam website – The Engineers Union in Gaza denounced the cruel detention conditions of the engineer Dirar Abu Sisi, 42, and condemned his continued isolation despite the recent agreement that ended the Palestinian captive movement strike.

The union considered, in a statement on Monday, Abu Sissi’s continued detention as a new Israeli crime against the Palestinian people in total violation of the international humanitarian laws and human and captives’ rights.

The union held the Israeli occupation authorities fully responsible for the prisoner’s life, appealing to Egyptian authorities, as the mediator of the recent agreement, to intervene to end the plight of the prisoner.

The union called on its members and all the free world, trade unions, international human rights organizations and institutions to demand an end to Abu Sissi’s isolation and to stop the Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people.

The union confirmed that it will pursue all means, including legal measures, to end this unjust isolation.

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