IOF storm 60-year-old Abu Hadid’s house few hours after his release

[ PIC 04/08/2012 – 03:30 PM ]

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Israeli occupation forces (IOF) raided the house of liberated prisoner Haj Hussein Abu Hadid, 60, in Al-Khalil, after less than six hours from his release from the Israeli prisons after serving five months in administrative detention.

Abu Hadid’s Family told the PIC that shortly after the release of Abu Iyad Abu Hadid on Friday, a large force of the occupation army surrounded the house. Soldiers with sniffer dogs broke into the house and started searching it and spoiling furniture and other belongings.

“The soldiers searched the house for three hours claiming they were looking for banned substances”, added the family.

Although Abu Hadid suffers from heart disease and serious health condition, the IOF arrested him handcuffed in March after raiding his home in Al-Khalil, and transferred him to Ramle prison hospital.

Abu Hadid is one of the notables and reformers in Al-Khalil and an activist in the popular movement against political arrests, and a father of a martyr, an administrative detainee, and a political prisoner.

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