Rights group: Israel pursues a policy of impoverishment against Jerusalemites

[ PIC 05/08/2012 – 08:28 AM ]

Palestinian family forcibly evicted from their home in Jerusalem

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Jerusalem center for social and economic rights accused the Israeli regime of pursuing a systematic policy of impoverishment against the Palestinian natives in occupied Jerusalem in order to force them to leave their city.

Director of the center Ziyad Al-Hammouri told Quds Press on Saturday that most of the Jerusalemite natives live below the poverty line in light of rising unemployment rates.

Even those who work also get paid less than the minimum wages, while the commercial activities in Jerusalem are weak, Hammouri added.

He said 78 percent of the total native population lives in poverty, while 84 percent of the children suffer from poverty.

The human rights activist stressed that the economic factor is one of the most prominent reasons that force the Jerusalemite natives to change their place of residence to improve their lives.

The activist noted that this high rate of poverty among the Jerusalemites are not equivalent to any percentage in many places around the world, even in the Gaza Strip which is under tight blockade.

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