A racist regulation bars Palestinians from going to Israeli courts

[ 06/08/2012 – 01:18 PM ]

NAZARETH, (PIC)– Israel’s Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman signed a new regulation which prevents Palestinians and immigrants who do not carry Israeli IDs or passports from filing lawsuits in Israeli courts.

Haaretz newspaper reported on Monday that under the new amendments and regulations, signed by Neeman, Palestinians, being harmed whether by Israeli army or settlers, will be unable to file a complaint before the Israeli courts to demand compensation.

Oded Feller, a lawyer for the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, said the new regulation, which will take effect on September 1, will mainly affect Palestinians who file hundreds of compensation lawsuits annually against the Israeli army.

He added that he sent a letter to Israel’s Justice Minister warning him that the new regulation will affect many people, noting that “the right to file lawsuits in Israeli courts is a fundamental right in the Israeli judiciary”.

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