#India condemning barring of NAM meeting, about to sign a $10-15 billion/year FTA with #Israel

It’s all about the shekels!

India objects to cancellation of NAM meeting on  the occasion of a Palestinian bid at the United Nations  (Source  TwoCircles.net )

Economic Times reported although on Aug 2, 2012:

MUMBAI: India and Israel will hold another round of negotiations on August 14-16 on signing the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) to achieve a bilateral trade figure of $10-15 billion per year, a senior official of Department of Commerce said today.

“There is another round of negotiations with Israel on signing the Free Trade Agreement on August 14-16 and talks are moving satisfactorily,” Siddharth Singh, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Commerce told reporters here on the sidelines of an interactive meeting on ‘Gaining from Free Trade Agreements: India’s Perspective and Prospects’ here.

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Condemnations of  Palestine supportive states are empty words, as these kind of intentions for the money are prevailing the genuine attitude of India towards Israel, it’s occupation, and shows, it really does not respect the violations of human, humanitarian and fundamental rights at all.

If India really was supportive towards the Palestinian people, it would cancel this free trade agreement to sanction and force Israel to change it’s policies of occupation, deprivation, theft, sales of stolen goods and all which is harming the Palestinian Nation in the whole.

We call on all people of India to contact your representatives in the government to reconsider this ‘agreement’ before uttering another condemnation and empty intentions.


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