Palestinian Officials Pilgrimage to the Auschwitz

Kawther Salam | Aug 6, 2012

I have not heard, ever, that one zionist representative of the Israeli government had laid flowers at Deir Yassin, Qibya, Kafr Qasem, Dawaymeh, Beit Daras and other towns where zionist jews massacred the Palestinians in 1948 and later, or that they ever visited a Palestinian refugee camp and listened to the explanatins of their victims about the awful reality of living in the exile over 64 years since the Nakbah. I never heared from any jew even one word of shame for what they did to us or any word asking for forgiveness for their crimes against us. All what I ever heard from jews about the Nakba is that the zionist knesset passed a new Nakba Law that denies the Nakba, hides it, forbids remembering it or thinking or learning anything about it. The knesset actually passed a law that punishes public institutions for any reference to the Israeli occupation of Palestine in 1948 as a catastrophe or “Nakbah”. (Click on pictures to enlarge them).

Contrary to that, I heardoften that so-called “PA” representatives and “ambassadors” visit to the former Nazi camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland, so often that I thought that Poland has become a place of pilgrimage for the “Palestinian Authority”, who obviously know on which side their bread is buttered.

I refuse to talk about this history or discuss the draconian European prohibition laws which are surrounding it, but as a Palestinian I strongly reject that Palestinians, or worse even, PA elements visit Auschwitz and assent to this foraneous “tradition” to be imposed on us as Palestinians or to give these stories abeyance in our names. Such PA elements, who claim that they represent us Palestinians, are mostly people whose name nobody had heard before they decided to shame themselves. Therefore, they are a mafia who ONLY represent themselves, their wives and their dirty business making lucre on top of the Palestinian destitution with Israel and a number of intelligence services around the world.

Last July 27, 2012, Ziad Al-Bandak, (זיאד אל בנדק) an adviser to illegitimate Palestinian “President” Mahmoud Abbas visited the Auschwitz camp and laid flowers at a so-called “death wall” and lit a candle at the monument to the camp.

Bandak is one of the biggest Christian fat cats in Palestine who is best known because he knows very well how to suck the blood of Palestinians and steal their salaries at his many private companies. This is the reality of Bandak since before the return of the PLO elements to the occupied territories. I once interviewed Al Bandak at the end of the ninety-eighties. His factory was surrounding by high walls like a castle, several wild dogs were barking at the entrance. He was very generous with – he did not even offer me a cup of coffee while he slurped down his cup during the interview.

Bandak fits well into the Abbas gang, who all seems to have in common being called gangsters and having made their fortunes by treason or otherwise on the back on the Palestinians. The Bandak family owns half of Bethlehem, it is enough for anyone to make a tour in Bethlehem holy city to see the Bandak wealth. Bandak Grand Hotel, Bandak Marble Company, Bandak Furniture Company, Bandak Electromechanical Engineering Co. Ltd.

[Ziad Al-Bandak is an engineer who grew up in Jordan, studied at Germany universities and served as a minister in several Palestinian governments. He served as Minister of Tourism and Antiquities from February 2005 until March 2006. In 2007, he was appointed not only as chairman of the Presidential Committee for Christian Affairs – an advisory body for President Mahmoud Abbas – but also as Minister of Local Government, as part of the 12th Palestinian government led by Prime Minister Dr. Salam Fayyad. Before that he was deputy of the mayor of Bethlehem].

It must be remembered that self-styled “President” Abbas himself has no legitimacy whatsoever. On 9 January 2009, Abbas presidency legally expired according to the constitution, but, as the US-propped-up tin-pot dictator which he is, he holds fast to his title of “president” by force of the militias and death squads around him, which are actually US- and israeli controlled, and by the power to suborn “political allies” which US and Western funds gives him, money funneled to him under the name of “donations” which are supposedly to be used for “humanitarian aid”.

On Sunday October 21 2007, Israeli Ambassador to Poland David Peleg, and the Palestinian representative of Abbas, Khaled Naef Ghazal Soufan, visited the camp of Auschwitz and spent an incredible three hours at the venue in a “joint act of reflection on the holocaust”.

Ghazal, who initiated the visit, said: “I just wanted to express my deep solidarity with the victims of fascism and the crimes (against) the Jewish people and humanity at large,” Ghazal said. “I think the lesson learned from this project motivated us to work for creating peace in the Middle East”. Source: AP /Safsaf

Former ambassador Khaled Ghazal and Israeli ambassador David Peleg visiting the camp of Auschwitz

Never did Peleg or any other israeli Ambassadors participate in a commemoration of the Nakba, which is a purely jewish crime perpetrated Israel and which includes not only the atrocities of 1948, but a never ending stream of war crimes, ethnic cleansing, crime against humanity, genocide, mass murder, torture, “medicinal” experiments on prisoners and many other assorted morsels of horror during the last 64 years, expelling the Palestinians from their own homeland in order to establish their zionist “state” of israel on the ruins of ethnically cleansed and destroyed Palestinian cities, and towns.

During Ghazal’s visit to Ausschwitz he said, while his shameful tears fell: “I just wanted to express$$ my deep solidarity with the victims of fascism and crimes against the jewish people and all mankind”. Ghazal was an element of the Israeli Embassy in Poland. He attended as several parties at the zionists embassy as guest. He held a farewell party for his colleague Israeli ambassador Peleg before leaving in post in Poland .

.He added: “I think this le$$on motivates us to work for peace in the Middle East”. Following Ghazals wishes, many tons of explosives, phosphor bombs forbidden chemicals were dropped on Gaza where over 1500 Palestinians were killed and thousands injured during the so-called “Operation Cast Lead”, a real crime against humanity, an abject crimes of war.

“Ambassador” Ghazal and minister Al-Bandak had obviously forgotten during their apparently pecuniary auspicious visit to Auschwitz that we the Palestinian people are the last victims of the holocaust, that we the Palestinian people are the victims of fascism and uncounted crimes by the jewish people.

It should be noted that ambassador Ghazal was the right arm of the Palestinian israeli intelligence agent Mohammad Dahan. Theywere both fired by President Mahmoud Abbas last year.

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