IOA holds university lecturer Dr. Mohammed Izzat Yahya Sayed in administrative detention

[ PIC 07/08/2012 – 12:12 PM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Tadamun Foundation for Human Rights affirmed that the Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) have recently issued a decision holding a Palestinian university lecturer in administrative detention after ending his sentence period.

Ahmed Beitawi, a researcher at the foundation, stated that the Israeli military commander, at the request of the Shin Bet, had issued a decision to turn the university lecturer Dr. Mohammed Izzat Yahya Sayed to administrative detention after spending seven months in IOA jails.

The Israeli occupation forces had arrested Dr. Sayed, a father of six children, in July 2012 after storming his house in the village of Kafr Raei southern Jenin district.

A number of academics and university lecturers are still detained in occupation jails, most of them are administrative detainees

Beitawi pointed out that the IOA held the detainees in administrative detention despite court orders for their release under the pretext of insufficient arrest period.

In the same context, the IOA extended for the second time the administrative detention of the former detainee Aladdin Abu Khader Hamdan, 16 years in occupation prisons, for 6 months.

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