IOA escalates aggression on confiscated lands in Yatta

[ PIC 08/08/2012 – 10:56 AM ]

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Israeli occupation authority (IOA) has recently escalated its arbitrary and aggressive measures against the eastern regions in Yatta town south of Al-Khalil.

Local sources recalled that Israeli war minister Ehud Barak had ordered the confiscation and demolition of the area in order to establish a military buffer zone for the Israeli army.

A large Israeli force has been training in the early hours on Tuesday in a number of Palestinian villages threatened to be demolished and confiscated in Mosafer Yatta region southern the occupied city of Al-Khalil.

Rateb Al-Jabour, coordinator of the Popular Committee against the Wall and Settlements in Yatta, affirmed in a press interview that Israeli soldiers in dozens of military vehicles had stormed Khirbet Janab located in the outskirts of the city of Beersheba, where they searched the region and forced the families to leave it.

Israeli helicopters also airdropped soldiers in the vicinity of a number of other desolate regions which were ordered to be demolished for military purposes, he added.

The occupation forces pitched a tent on the military road between Khirbet Janab and Bir Aad and set up a military checkpoint, where they checked the civilians’ ID cards and held them for different periods of time, he explained.

Jabour pointed out that the Israeli military training in that area aims at pressuring Palestinians in the region in order to force them to leave it, and thus evict more than 1200 Palestinians from their lands estimated at 45 thousand dunums.

On the other hand, settlers of “Havat Moon” settlement, established on the Palestinian village of “Tawanh” east of Yatta southern Al-Khalil, stormed an agricultural land where they uprooted ten olive trees, which represents an important source of livelihood for the owner family.

The IOF and settlers have escalated recently their aggression against the people of the eastern regions of Yatta in order to force residents to leave the area.

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