Israeli Military Confiscates Cows in Jordan Valley

Thursday August 09, 2012 15:00 by Kelly Joiner – International Middle East Media Center Editorial Group & Agencies

Israeli occupation forces confiscated tens of cows owned by Palestinian citizens from the northern Jordan Valley village of Om Kharrouba on Tuesday.


The Palestine News Network reported on Thursday that Israeli military vehicles and groups of horsemen broke into pastoral land, seized the cows, and arrested their owners, Sati Alian and Hilal Adel Daraghmeh.

The Governor of the region described the action as another tool used by the Israeli occupiers to put pressure on residents to leave their homeland. He mentioned the huge swaths of agricultural and pastoral land that have been confiscated by the occupation and which Palestinians can no longer access in order to feed their families.

No reason was given for the seizure or the arrests.

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